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plus button missing

plus button missing




United states


Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

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Android 13


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My issue is that the plus button is now replaced by the heart and I don't know why they would switch it back to the heart so i was wondering if this was a bug or on purpose.

Screenshot 2023-07-31 233320.png
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Hi there @SSC_Koolkid,


Thanks for the post.


When you see changes to the UI, like the heart button being replaced by a plus and then by a heart, it means that you've seen a Spotify test. These tests are carried out to see if a new feature is useful and liked or not. 


We can't say for sure if the Plus sign will be implemented permanently in the future or if it will be returned in another form. 


We've made sure to pass your feedback on to the development teams at Spotify. Don't forget to keep your app up to date, not to miss any new features and fixes.


Take care.

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I hope the plus button will make it's return. It is so much more convenient for active users to see in which playlist a song is already, or to alter where to put a particular song. It feels so clumsy again to use the old heart system. I hope that we will see the return of plus button soon ♥️

Yeah it's really annoying too, seeing the fact I've had it for 1 day, yesterday...then have it disappear

Same here. I've got the plus to appear like 2 days ago and ever since i've been enjoying the heck out of it. But today i woke up and found the plus missing and the heart at its place. It really ruined my morning, not gonna lie.

I totally get that people were complaining that Spotify replaced the heart but a plus. Yes the heart was more charming but the usability was outweighed that.


It was always painful to manage playlists before the plus came - especially song removal.


The only downside: you had to like a song in order too add it to a playlist. Could happen although I think one implies the other.


I suggest: Keep the heart but add the plus functionality.

witam, z czego co wiem to serduszko zostało wycofane i zastąpione plusikiem, sam przez dosłownie jeden dzień miałem plus zamiast serca i bardzo spodobała mi się ta zmiana, plus jesto wiele wygodniejszy i pomaga dodawać utwory do playlist, na następny dzień zaktualizowałem aplikację Spotify i nagle te bezużyteczne serduszko znowu powróciło, jak sprawić abym miał plusa zamiast serca???
dodam że mam androida i najnowszą wersję Spotify jaka jest dostępna

Same problem here. I also got a Samsung S22 Ultra and Premium Spotify just like you and my plus button went missing. It's sad because I liked it more than the Enhance Button. I hope it comes back to me.

Hey, me again. My plus button returned a couple hours ago. 😀

Finally 🥳😌

Same for me! Hopefully it stays like that.

Just a few hours after you.

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