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"Add to Playlist" playlist sort

"Add to Playlist" playlist sort

So I know I can sort the playlists and I managed to display them as CUSTOM like I like it, however when I go and add a song to one of my playlists they are always sorted by the last playlist choosed. 


Just to clarify, it's not the playlists menu, it's the ADD TO PLAYLIST menu with my personal playlists that dont appear on the same sorting order has the playlist menu choice. 








OnePlus One 

Operating System

Android 6.0.1 


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My opinion is that, when adding songs, the order of the playlists must be in the same order as the chosen one for the playlists section. After the update I changed the order of my playlists back to custom, but when adding songs the order is something completely different (latest played?). If it’s not possible to sync the order to the chosen one, the default choice must be custom! I have up to a hundred playlists and when adding songs now I have to scroll through the list and read the names of every one until I find the right playlist. It’s a complete mess. Time-consuming and irritating. I hope this is a bug or a momentary lapse and nothing that is there to last.


So, the simple request is: change back the order of the playlists to custom when adding songs.    

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