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"No internet connection"

"No internet connection"

I log in to Spotify.
Try to listen to radio.
"no internet connection. "
Offline Playlist still works.
Restart phone. Repeat. Same issue.
Uninstall/reinstall. Repeat. Same issue.

Gmail, Facebook, etc. still work.

HTC one m8. Android 4.4.4.
T-mobile. Unlimited data.
Latest Spotify version.

This problem started yesterday. T-Mobile support said my phone is all clear and working perfectly.
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In addition, since reinstalling it, it can't connect to Spotify or Facebook due to "no internet connection." so I can't use it at all now.

There's a section on t Mobile and the ipv6 issue in the troubleshooting guide at the top of this forum.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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Hi Daniel,


I tried switching the APN and it only worked temporarily. I hope that I don't have to wait for T-Mobile to do something before I have access, otherwise the fees I'm paying for Premium are just being wasted.

Daniel, can you link to that thread? I'm also on T-Mobile and am experiencing similar issues, but idon't see the "trouble shooting" guide you're talking about.

Nevermind, found it.  (Or maybe still link to it for others who might stumble upon this thread.)


FWIW - I also have an HTC One M8, and the "APN Type" setting for the default T-Mobile Data APN is (comma separated, no spaces, no quotes): "default,mms,supl,admin,hipri"  so that is what I used for my new APN, rather than what you listed in your guide (<Not set> OR Internet+MMS)


We'll see how it goes.

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