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"Ok Google play [artist]", no longer auto plays top songs

"Ok Google play [artist]", no longer auto plays top songs

Since Tuesday, When I ask Spotify to play an artist via Google Voice commands, it now only loads the artists page and doesn't automatically play the artists top songs. This is very annoying as I use this handsfree feature when driving. My phone is Honor8 running nougat. Paid version of Spotify. Any ideas . Thank you.
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Same here. 
Now "Play [song name] by [artist]" works though.

They fix something and break the rest.


Same issue. It worked again for a while a few months ago but new updates have it broken again.

It's started to work again for me today 🙂

Not true.

I'm getting the same issue on my android. I've tried clearing storing, cache and un-installing the app and re-inatalling. Each time it works once and then doesn't any more. Not convenient when I'm driving. 

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