"no internet connection available"

"no internet connection available"








Operating System

Android 5.1.1


My Question or Issue

 I listen to music in my vehicle offline while driving and seem to be getting the msg "no internet connection available" quite often.  At one point I thought maybe my SD card was bad so I replaced it, re-installed the App and downloaded all my songs again, but the problem persists. 

In the last fail all my download arrows were green, like they should be, but when I went to settings there was no storage option.  For some reason that option doesn't always appear.  I suspect it only appears when the Spotify App sees external SD storage.  But even when Spotify doesn't show the storage, my file manager sees it and so does System/Storage. 

What can I do to identify if the problem is possibly with my phone/storage or just a bug in the app?  The card is okay because I replaced it and the problem didn't change.  And it has always been readable by file mgr, camera, etc. 

The fail before this one actually prompted me to enter my user/pwd to login (as I was driving and away from internet).  very frustrating.  Why would it have lost my credentials? 

Just looking for some troubleshooting tips to help me isolate the problem.  Do I need a new phone or a new music service?





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