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re downloading music

re downloading music

i've been a premium member for about a month now. i'm using an HTC one m8, i have downloaded over 1500 songs to play offline, and as soon as i go offline, they refuse to play and the app logs me out. when i log back in, all of the songs had to re download all over again. it's been happening since i signed up. ive uninstalled and reinstalled, i've logged in using other devices and the problem remains. what can i do about this? i don't want to use my data to stream music, and cant listen to them offline...smh

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If this is happening on multiple devices, then logically it is neither the device nor the app installed on the device.


The only common factor is you, or more precisely, your account. What you describe suggests that Spotify isn't recognizing the validity of your account, or that it isn't registering your online activity and so deletes your downloaded music (i.e. as if you have not been online within the required 30 days to maintain your downloaded music). So probably you need to contact Spotify account services.


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