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samsung gear s3 remote control

samsung gear s3 remote control

Hello ,

i use samung galaxy s9+ and gear s3 frontier and from one month remote control just stop working. I try to restart watch and phone then reinstall app on the both and nothing.I read articles but nothing help so far.When i start app and try to change setings to remote control is error message i send a pic.On phone is starting app but say no conection.When i see in galaxy app and there more with same problem!!!

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I have the same problem - using Galaxy S9 + Gear S3.

I have the same problem using galaxy watch 

I have the same problem!! - using Galaxy Note8 + Gear S3.

Same problem her with OnePlus 6T + Gears S3 Frontier

Seems like updates of the android phone app has broken the possibility to use remote function from watch.


Does Spotify care what is written in these forums? They surely can't be bothered to give us changelogs when updating things.

Same problem here with note 9 and s3

Same problem, had to downgrade to an older version of spotify on my phone to get it to work again. I am using version, and it is working again.

Yes that's it, thank you! I've downgraded to and it works 🙂

How do you downgrade the app? I'm using a note 9 and cannot figure it out  thanks in advance!! 


bro, this is Spotify style - if something works, than they try to insert bug or turn worst.


To resolve this issue, just stop to use Spotify app on Gear S3 and use the default Music app of Gear, it will work.

You can control your phone music by the Gear app, even if the music is playing on Spotify.


Try and share the results. For me works.


BTW: Spotify if you read that, please do nothing, will be quite better if your engineers stop to re-invent things. 

Thats what i did 

Considring going back 2 apple after 7 years of dealing**bleep** like this 

Awesome thanks for tip!!

The best answer that i saw to fix this problem... I test and it works!!! Thank you

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