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sd card malfunction with spotify

sd card malfunction with spotify

I have an LG G3 i put my 32G sd card on it and download spotify and all thw music got saved on it. When downloading an especific playlist it does not get to download it complete. Then my sd card start havinh problems. And when i turn my phone off. Then the phonw dont recognice the sd card until i formated. After a while the sd card stop working and i couldnt restore anything or save any document. Then ibtried with a 128G sd card and the same happens after a while. No im trying with a 64G sd card. But the same. I take pictures or put somw music on it and then phone cant open them. I put the extreme quality to download. Please help me i hate to dont have space to have my spotify music onbmy phone. But i cant use my sd card. Thanks
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