searching for music, no drop down list appearing!

searching for music, no drop down list appearing!

I have followed the below guide ( which is pretty obvious) just incase searching for music on the spotify app was different from spotify on desktop, but it is not.!/article/Search-for-music/?in=search


When I type an artists name into the search box no drop down box appears for me to click on anyone. Nothing happens, I can type a name in e.g. Katy Perry for example, someone I know is on Spotify. But not results come up, not even a - no artists returned.


Is anyone else having this problem? 

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Hi. The android app doesn't give a dropdown list as you type a search, unless you use a phrase in the search history. The desktop client searches the database as you type, the android app doesn't so you need to hit the search button on the keyboard once you finish for the results to show.

I'm having this issue, with a twist.  Usually, when you tap the white search bar in which you enter text, a list of previously entered artists appears below it.  This is great: it lets you pick and choose from artists you like and have listened to recently.  But with the latest Spotify upgrade, this isn't happening anymore, for me at least.  Even when you type in an artist that you've typed in before, the artist doesn't appear beneath.


Anyone else experiencing this?

You're right @mcarthurdylan search history seems to have disappeared. Keep an eye on this thread for news.

Thanks Joe.

this is happening to me to

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