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song will quit playing 20 seconds to the end.

song will quit playing 20 seconds to the end.

I'm a paying Spotify customer, I have the app on my Droid 2 and I have for the last three months.

It wasn't until recently that I'd be listening to Spotify and the song will stop about 20-40 seconds 'til the end and not continue. I attempt to hit play and it won't start, and when I go in through the app, it says the song is only a second long. (And no, I do not accidentally pause it.)

This happens everytime without fail. I cannot listen to a playlist, an individual song; anything. It purely does not work. Is there some sort of update I need for my phone? Because frankly, I refuse to keep paying for an app that doesn't even work.

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Have you tried going into the Android app settings and clearing the cache and data? If that fails to work then you can try a complete reinstall 🙂





I am having this same problem, the song stops about 20 seconds before it is finished.  This is happening when I am listening to my playlists and when I am trying to stream various radio stations.  I have tried increasing the quality in the settings tab, I have tried clearing the cache, uninstalling and reinstalling the program multiple times, updating the software on my android, turning on and off my phone, removing the battery, and doing the uninstall reinstall process again.  It occurs when I am connected to the internet and when I am using 3G or 4G connections.   I pay for spotify premium but if this issue continues I am cancelling my account.  Please help!!

I've been having the exact same problem.  I tried all the troubleshooting tips (Clear cache, uninstall, restart phone, reinstall, etc.) and it still won't work.  If this goes on much longer I'll have to stop paying for the app.  I can't afford to pay for something that doesn't work!

Hello, I've been having the same problem.  I've tried all the troubleshooting tips, including a complete reinstall and I'm still having the problem.  Is there anything else to be done? I'd love to keep using Spotify because I really do like the app, but if this goes on much longer I'm going to have to cancel Premium.  I can't afford to pay for something that doesn't work!  I'd really prefer to just get this fixed though.  Any help you can give me would be much appreciated, thanks.

I am having exactly the same problem. Almost all songs will stop playing 20 seconds from the end. The only way tto start playing music again is to back to the search or playlist again and start playing the song from the start. It happens on WiFi or on the 3g network and if playing via a playlist of search. Issue started within the last 2,days.

Ok. I think I solved the problem. I only had 350mb of space left on my internal storage. I removed some files so that I have over a 1g of free space and now I can play the songs in full.

While the 1g of extra space might fix the problem, this is something that started after the last update for me.

It"s the same for me in france since 2 days. My music quit playing 20s before the end,I I uninstalled and I reinstalled spotify, I released the memory but it's always the same. I pay for spotify premium and if it continued, I leave.

this is the same for me too! quits playing 20 seconds till the end. and it isn't the storage i have over a GB of free space

An update was released yesterday and the only line in the changelog was about songs stopping unexpectedly - has it solved your issue?
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I am canceling my app and my subscription! Will not pay for something that don't work and no o

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