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suggested tracks on Android spotify

suggested tracks on Android spotify



I'm using Spotify on my Android Phone. When I select one of my playlists ( 30 songs or more) Spotify plays 5 songs or so and then only suggested songs and is impossible to return to my playlist


I can understand that Spotify will suggest some songs, but this is impossible. I want to listen my playlist.


I'm using Spotify Free ( on a Sony Xperia Tipo (ST21i) with Android 4.0.4


Is anything wrong?





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Have you left it to see how many suggested songs it plays before returning to your playlist? I've seen a lot of posts about this happening in the desktop client but not on android.

Never return to my playlist, all are suggested songs after suggested song. 

By the way, I'm never skipping songs.


I'm talking about suggested songs, not ads. I'm having 1 or 2 ads every 5 songs ( + o -).



Hmmm......could you try reinstalling spotify on your mobile to see if this solves the issue.

I have the same issue with the free Spotify on my Asus Zenfone 5. I notice that it happens more often when I'm listening to music that is not widely commercialized/mainstream, like classical or jazz. Spotify would play my playlist for a while, and then would butt in with "suggested tracks" featuring mainstream artists that I don't want to listen to at the moment. Even worse, it wouldn't let me go back to my playlist, and the only thing to do would be shut the app down and start it again. I wish they would at least base the suggested tracks on what I'm currently listening to. 



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