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switching songs to offline mode

switching songs to offline mode


I just got a free 2 year spotify subscription with my phone company and am trying to switch all the songs on my galaxy nexus 5 to be able to play offline.

I've managed to switch about 300 of them bust suddenly it stopped downloading all the rest to offline mode and wont continue. Just wondering how to get the rest to download to offline mode?


Or is there any way to listen to all the songs without switching to offline mode even if I'm away from wi-fi?


I have registered my spotify account with cell phone provider to activate the 2 years free




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Not sure if this helps, but one thing that seems to work for me has been to go to the songs in my library (Tap Menu > Your Music > Songs), and then tap Available Offline. 


Then whenever I encounter a song/album I like, tapping the "+" symbol on your phone will add it to your library, and it will download next time you're on WiFI (or if you have that turned off in settings, immediately). 


Depending on your library it might take a while, but just let it do it's thing. 

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