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sync over cellular not working

sync over cellular not working

I need help. I want to use my mobile data to dowload songs. But even though I already turned on sync over cellular its still asking me to turn it on. Please help.
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Please, try logging out/in, reboot your device, or reinstall the app.

I trief that one. Its still the same..

I know you say you've tried a clean install but can you again? The guide details the steps to take to ensure a full 'clean installation' is achieved - This includes checking redundant folders and a REBOOT!

[COMPLETE GUIDE] How to fix most Android issues


Please don't forget the reboot as it's vital.

Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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[COMPLETE GUIDE] How to fix most Android issues
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Same problem. The solution didn't worked. I just cleared/deleted everything. Now there's no song available for offline. 😟

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