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turning off new spotify android version


turning off new spotify android version

I feel extremely remedial here, but how do you turn off the new version of Spotify Mobile on the Droid Bionic?  Before I would touch the menu button and then choose to exit. So far the only thing I have figured out is to either log out completely or go to my task manager to exit.  Wow, I feel dumb.

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Just hit the pause button to stop the music.

I know that, but I'm concerned that the app will continue to use battery power. Am I wrong? Thanks.

Android OS manages apps in the background pretty well. You shouldn't have any problems.

Awesome. This is helpful. Thanks.


I can't even find the pause button on my android any more 😞 Also before the update the song currently playing was displayed at the very bottom of the screen and I could easily skip or stop it but now that's gone. How do I find the pause button again, please?

Found the pause button in the task manager, d'oh 😄 But still, it you're in the spotify app you should be able to see the pause/skip button, too.

What version do you have? I updated it yesterday. Or do you mean my android version?

You should still see the play bar at the bottom of each screen in the spotify app containing the album cover, track name and a play/pause button. Try logging out of spotify and back in if that's not the case for you.

Hey there.


It should look like this.



Thanks, guys! It looks like that now but earlier the bottom bit was completely missing and instead there was just a tiny message there informing me that I'm in offline mode. I couldn't find any of the buttons anywhere in the app and I panicked until I found them in my task manager 😄

If Spotify is running you will see it in your notification tray just like the previous app. Pull down your notification tray and x it out.

I disabled automatic updates because Spotify keeps breaking the app, but my girlfriend has been having a lot of trouble with the new version. I can say that the notifcation tray controls were not there, nor was any kind of Now Playing bar.


The only way we could get Spotify to stop playing was to go to another app and have it start playing a podcast.

The best I came out with is. #1 hitting setting. #2 scrolling down until you see logout then hit Log Out. I have tried going home, pause, and all that. It was turning my phone off then on or going the way O just wrote. With the setting.    


Jjust use the back key to back out of the app.

go to settings, and then down to  log out. (logg off?) 🙂 That did it for me!


I uninstalled Spotify and went back to using Pandora because I got tired of the frustration of rebooting my phone just to make the music stop.Problem solved.

Uninstalled it and it
Turned it off just fine
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Cuando instaló la aplicación en mi Sony M2, esta se cierra saliéndome un mensaje que dice: "Spotify se ha detenido" o algo así. Desinstalo la app, borro todos los datos, la vuelvo a instalar y me sigue apareciendo eso. 

Ayuda por favor, tengo premium y no lo puedo disfrutar en Android. 



I go to app manager find spotify and then select "FORCE STOP" I would suggest being careful not to select clear cache or data. Pain in the butt however have no issues.

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