using Micro SD for storage?


using Micro SD for storage?




I have a samsung S3 and I would to save my offline playlists to the SD card since it has 32Gb instead of the built in 10 or 12? 

How can I do that?

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Re: using Micro SD for storage?

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Hi, it should download automatically to the SD card; there's not any kind of manual setting for this. If the songs are downloading to your internal storage instead, try this: Go into your Spotify settings and choose "delete cache and saved data." After it finishes clearing everything, be sure to set your download quality to extreme, then try downloading your music again. It should go to the SD card.

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Re: using Micro SD for storage?

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Also you can remove app and install it again. It should do the job also.


Also please keep in mind that when you do that, Spotify can be a bit slower. For example on Internal SD card using 100 Mbps Internet it downloads one song in second, but to external it might take more. As these cards may be a bit slower.


You can try to fast-up downloading if you choose fastest possible card like Class 10.

Re: using Micro SD for storage?

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Make sure the SD Card has more free storage than your phone (The app detects the location with most free space and sets the cache there). then uninstall & re-install the app.


Also it;s worth setting the DL quality to 'Extreme'

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Re: using Micro SD for storage?

Spotify itself has an option to do so. It's way down below in the settings menu!