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won't finish the install from android app store

won't finish the install from android app store

I have used it a lot, then the other day all **bleep** was grey and wouldn't start. So I uninstalled it and when I was about to reinstall it spotify just loading the install meter but never finished. I have searched in file manager but I can't find any spotify files or anything left on it. Please, help me, I'm drowning!
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Try clearing data from the Play Store. From your Home Screen open the App Drware and then open 'Settings'. Open the 'Applications' section and swipe right to the 'All' tab and then find 'Google Play Store'. Open this up and tap 'Clear data'.



Now reboot your phone, open the Play Store and re login. Afterwards try to install the Spotify app again.



If it still errors do you get an error message? Do you have more the 150Mb free on your system? Can you check there is no Spotify folder at:



Please use the search feature before posting a problem/bug/idea.
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