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2 factor authentication 2022


2 factor authentication 2022



I can see that there are discussions around 2fa dating back to 2012. 


With 2023 just around the corner and my account being taken advantage of multiple times why can't I enable 2fa on my personal (family plan) Spotify account? 


With some Googling I can see that 2fa is available to help protect artist but not the average every daily user.


As this is clearly already in place and can be used by artists please can you let me know when this will be available for standard users? The infrastructure is clearly in place and this shouldn't be hard to achieve. I find it mind blowing that I can see threads that are 10 YEARs old asking for 2FA and we still don't have it but artist do.

PLEASE help!




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I totally agree.  for me it feels like Spotify doesn't like to protect their customers. 

i agree 2FA is a ultimately needed ive been having to suffer with changing my password 4 times in the space of 2 days after force signing everyone out and somehow someones still listening to songs on my account i really dont want to have to close my entire account just to get this to stop but Spotify need a better security system.

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