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Alexa Spotify Explicit Filter


Alexa Spotify Explicit Filter

This is kind of covered in other post, but here we go again.

I have Spotify Premium account with explicit filter to allow explicit songs.

I am trying to play Spotify from amazon echo dot, and Alexa keeps saying "can not play due to explicit filter" 


NO explicit filter is ON to restrict explicit songs. 

  - NO explicit filter for Spotify

  - NO explicit filter for Amazon Alexa app


I have done this for amazon echo dot:

  - logged on and on

  - deregistered and re-reregister 

  - set Spotify as default player for Alexa app


  All works good on all my Spotify apps/devices

  - just NOT on amazon echo or Alexa app.


Call amazon and they say the normal; "all good on their end it is Spotify" 

at a loss here, anyone else with the same issue here.

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Was there a solution for this? Having the same issue and have gone through the same steps. 

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