Android - All Songs by Artist?

Android - All Songs by Artist?


I want to be able to go to an artist, and then see ALL of their songs. Currently I have to click in and out of albums to try to find a song.

I have seen older posts that say that you need to go to that artist, click on the expansion menu (…), and click “All songs”. I do not have a menu item listing the artist’s songs. There is nothing on the app that I can find that actually expands past what I’ve found.

When I click on the artist, and I click on the menu at the artist’s page (…) I get these options: “Follow,” “Don’t play this,” “Go to Artist Radio,” “Share.”

If I play a song by the artist, and view the full page of the song, I have another expansion menu (…), and this lists: “Like,” “Add to Playlist,” “Add to Queue,” “View Album,” “View Artist,” “Share,” “Sleep timer,” “Go to Song Radio,” “Show Credits,” “Report Abuse.”

Everything that I find lists methods of doing this that are not listed in my menus.
I am on Android version: 12
I am using the Spotify app for android, version:
I am a premium user.

Thank you in advance!

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