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Android/IOS SDK for Tempo/Pitch Control on Playlists


Android/IOS SDK for Tempo/Pitch Control on Playlists

Musicians and Music Students world wide that counted on Spotify integration with 3rd Party Amazing Slow Downer are in mourning today after Spotify removed the working  SDK.  Before we all reluctantly cancel our Spotify subs and move to the less functional Apple Music (no pitch control/tempo only) would Spotify at least comment:


1. Is there a working replacement SDK that offers Tempo/Pitch adjustment on playbook?


2. If no, will you add this functionality back to the latest supported SDK and when?


3. Will Spotify acknowledge all of the posts and comments on this topic to at least show you’ve heard this part of your customer community and that you will either do something or you won’t??

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I was very upset today when Spotify no longer works with the amazing slow downer. That feature was one of the reasons I have stayed with Spotify. I will be following this in hopes they will correct it. 

Spotify- Please fix the problems with the fantastic app Amazing Slow Downer. 

Yes, very key to fix this to allow musicians to keep learning with ASD. 

I’m in the same boat. In our subscription, two of us are serious musicians who use Amazing Slow Downer with Spotify to work on songs for our ensembles. Without this functionality, we will move to a different music service.

Please return access to Amazing Slow Downer for iOS!


Please return functionality for use with Amazing Slow Downer. I am upset about this as well. 

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