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Automatic return to Home Screen


Automatic return to Home Screen

Since the last app update Spotify now automatically returns to the Home Screen whenever the app screen goes to the background. This is when the screen sleeps or when switching to another app screen during music playback. When bringing the Spotify screen back the active page is lost and the Home Screen replaces it. This requires the user to navigate back to whatever screen they were using every single time the screen sleeps or when Spotify runs in the background.

22 Replies

Version update on Dec 1, 2022 seems to have repaired this issue.

still occurs as of now 

Continuing to be very annoyed by this issue after installing today's update.

Yeah, I too face the exact same issue. The app automatically switches back to Home Page when reopening it. For example: If I'm in a Playlist Page and going to my Phone's Home Screen or opening some other app, returning to the spotify app doesn't stay in the page where I left off. Instead it switches back to the Home Page automatically. Why does this happening?

Same problem for about a month. 

I've got the same issue for a some weeks now. It's one of the most annoying things ever happened to my spotify. First my canvas feature was gone, which was something I liked but not essential and now this terrible bug. I tried every avaliable update but nothing fixed it. Hopefully they fix both soon.

Yup, still happens all the time on Android...

I thought this was a feature, not a bug, and that Spotify was pushing the garbage home screen designs. All the bad UI changes were annoying, but this genuinely pushed me to explore competitor services after a week of being pushed to the home screen upon reentry to the app. Just opened the app to check, this still happens on the latest Android version.

Yep, I'm having the same issue on Android still. It's been happening for at least the last couple months. Really makes the app frustrating to use.

Anyone from the staff care to reply to this topic?! This is annoying as **bleep**. Why we pay 10$ a month and have to go through this since december? Go get some new developers to maintain this app. 

Yeah it does this by design, spotify makes more money if you listen to the artists/playlists that pay them not your library, every change they make is designed to make you go to the terrible homepage and their suggestions more

Same issue has been occurring for me for at least a few weeks. It's extremely irritating!

Spotify version on Android 13.

Hello all, is there any way to fix this? It's super annoying to keep navigating from the home page back to your playlist every time you dare to switch to another app 🙄

Yes having the same trouble..very annoying. 

Any staff care to respond? This is ridiculous.

Still having basically this issue myself, with Pixel OS and Spotify app up-to-date. Hitting the app icon from device home opens Spotify to its home screen. Switching to Spotify from the side-scrolling Recent Apps menu, however, brings Spotify back into focus without navigating away from the screen I was last using.

Just press the back button and you will be sent to where u were.

Thank you so much for that, but still can we change the behaviour? Because I pay to listen to my music not to have another instagram on my phone

Finally, the issue has been solved for me after the recent update! Try updating your app and recheck it.

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