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Binaural plugin for stereo


Binaural plugin for stereo

Hello! As we know all music are mixing for listening using speaker in stereo mode.  Today there is almost no music that would be mixed for headphones. So most of us listen to music with headphones.

When playing stereo through speakers, each ear hears both speakers but with a delay. When listening with headphones, there is no such effect and the stereo is not correctly. 


There are several problems when music mixed under speakers is played on headphones. For example sounding in the head and poor positioning of instruments. Also many people get tired of such musical presentation. personally, I cannot listen to music on headphones for a long time without bs2b a plug-in. 


I propose to add the customized bs2d plug-in so that the music in the headphones sounds right. I do not think it is very difficult from a technical point of view, but it will give an unforgettable experience.



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