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Car thingy


Car thingy

Give me access to use with a desktop! No use for a car... if I can already connect via aux or BT why use this.... IT WOULD WORK GREAT AT MY DESK😏. More than what it is already doing at that. I enjoy the car thing. Just wish you guys would unlock its actually potential. I'm assuming I'm not the only one wanting to use at a pc 

4 Replies

That would be great...

Are you saying that you aren’t able to use Spotify on your desktop? Have you gone to and tried to log in? It’s definitely there. 
I took a screenshot of mine- if you’re interested in the browser or version, etc. I can share that with you too. Also, for desktop I’d recommend the app, which you can download on the site- I highlighted it on the screenshot. 


No no, it does connect to my computer technically. But it has to connect to
my phone before hand. I've tried download spotifys online version instead
of from the Microsoft store and it just won't connect directly to my
computer. Which Im wanting it to directly connect to my computer without
"3party" from my phone

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