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Changing recommendation language

Changing recommendation language


New user. not sure if this the right group/community to post it .


I'm an Expat in Spain, 

And  im paying with Spainish Credit card .

All the "recommendtion", "New releases" and "discovery" contect is  in Spanish (and seems to be mostly around latin music).

Obiusly i cannot change country to USA without the matching payment method but i want to listen to American\English Music.


Anything i can do ?




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Similar problem - language setting is English and want to have English (UK) music etc but I think I first subscribed when living in Belgium and now all my ads (I just have the free version) are in Dutch... I've combed through my settings to no avail so any suggestions welcome!

same problem here in CH with half of the music in German 😞

Do Spotify check the messages posted on the community ? It appears NOT as everybody has the same problem with the language and music recommandation linked to the payment method !

Should we regroup ourself in order to put pressure on Spotify ?

I think the mejor income for  spotiify its from ads, and not from paying costumers.
and the precetange of paying costumer living abroad is even lower.
 So i don't believe they are going to fix \ improve it anytime soon.

I stopped using Spotify and moved to antoher streaming service,
which has similiar problem ( discovery still connected to payment method but recommendation is not )

The only 1 that did it perfectly was "Rdio" which is closed now. and will be re launched by pandora under new brand.

Living in Belgium and what with all there language issues, you're stuck having no option but to get all your ads/mails in Dutch. Language I don't understand ..Tired of having to guess what is important or not ! I DON'T WANT MY MAILS IN DUTCH ANYMORE ! 

Same for me. All is in germand since I live in Switzerland. It should be easy to change language !!!!

Same problem in Switzerland. I speak french, don't speak german, but Spotify persit to recommend me titles, podcasts and playlists in german !!!

But it seems that Spotify dooesn't **bleep**. In fact, the problem is the same with iTunes and others.

I hope one day they will listen to their customers...

Same problem. Did someone get any improvement?

Dear Spotify team,

Are you going to do something with lots of requests about possibility to change recommendation language? Half of my homepage fed with podcasts and local recommendations, which I even not able to understand. I'm living in Czech republic, but I do not speak Czech and I'm not interested in any of these recommendations. Basically it means I'm not able to discover new songs I might be interested in. Don't get me wrong, but I have to cancel my subscription, if nothing change in few month. Spotify nearly useless for me, because of such small issue. 

Same for me, I understand that some music can't be played in some countries for legal matters, but playlist are a different topic, and I keep having French playlist recommendations that I absolutely don't like at all. 

Like most of you, I create my account in a country, then moved in another one and my credit card is now from the country I'm living in but I never change my first music tastes which were from my country.

In that case, I rather listen to local radio music, it's the exact same music the recommendation gives...

Please, do make an option about playlist language recommendation.

Sad to see this has not yet been fixed. I understand this is an issue for people living abroad, but i think a lot of users might also just prefer something outside of their own language. For instance - I do not really care for dutch music, but all the recommended playlists are Dutch and feature mostly Dutch songs. Same with podcast. All my podcast suggestions are in Dutch, but if I want world news, a dutch podcast is not where i would go, and frankly, I want world news from my podcasts.  


So - get on it, Spotify. Or at the very least reply to a 8 year old thread with a question. This is just a bad look.. 

Very sad to see spotify not doing anything about this.. 

same problem here. suddenly getting spanish recommendations after adding "i just wanna run"? im not even spanish?????

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