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Will someone please get the developers to stop   PROPERLY STOP!!!!!!!!!


Just walk away from your keyboards and actually listen to what people are telling you.!! Your letting your ego's ruin a great app !!!


I'm fed up to the back teeth with constant app updates  that make the UI and front end useless...  


You (the developers)  may all enjoy coding you flights of fancy on your 36" imacs  and yes they may look cool ,  but have you actually looked at it on a 5"  screen??


The latest update is utter rubbish,! what were you thinking, more to the point what was your supervisor thinking when they rubber stamped it. 


a 1 pixel button to signify  shuffle, and you CANT  turn it off, every time you play an album , or playlist,  it defaults to shuffle...   


Where  is the sanity check when you come up with these ideas,   


Does anyone actually say no to you at all.   or are all your daft ideas rubber


stamped, you forget that your demographic isn't all 20 somethings,  with eyesight of a hawk,with  huge phones to see things on.  


At least give us  the option to have a clean simple front end which we can control

what we want to see , and what we want it to do, rather that what you insist we

must have .


If you local bus company changed your route to work every week you'd soon get cheesed off , so why do we have to put up with your changes every week?








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My god yes. The spotify UI is literally the worst piece**bleep** in the entire app store, internet and PC ecosystem. I wish they would just give up and open their back end to 3rd party developers to build proper UIs because they are clearly incapable.

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