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DJ Feature - how can it be improved


DJ Feature - how can it be improved

I didn't find a space in the community dedicated solely to feature improvement/suggestion box. So I decided to write my ideas here and expect the community to enrich the proposed message to Spotify dev team. 
I have mixed feelings about the new DJ feature. I love to explore constantly new vibes, so I enjoy a lot to "be guided" to similar tunes by the new AI feature. 

My problem comes to how it actually works and the decision making for what to present when it decides to play songs that I normally I listen to. 

Here is why:
- When I work I listen to non - vocal songs to avoid distraction - specifically a show called Flow state 
- When I drive I listen to a podcast or to songs that I can sing full power 
- When I listen at home I listen something soothing and calm to relax while I do chores. 


I think that the DJ feature is failing to recognize my usage patterns. I am not saying that I want it to automatically detect what and when I am doing something, but offering an option to configure personal preferences before letting it run wild would be nice. Ex. I just mention three different activities that completely shape the type, speed, notes, lyrics that I prefer to use. If it needs to learn my patterns, I prefer to teach it first.


At the end of the day, I don't want to listen to non-vocal when I am driving for example. That is my focus snack only


What do you think?



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it would be nice if the dj asked if the music he just played was good or bad. not like after every song, but a few times a day. i think it also needs the voice commands, maybe even without opening the app like from home screen or just sitting in the car. different voices would also be appreciated

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