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Disable Lyrics

Mods or PowerUsers,


How do I turn off or disable the new Lyrics at the bottom of now playing. They make me Sick. I tried creating/connecting a Musixmatch profile to extend options but it doesn’t exist.


How can Spotify charge you money monthly and force upon you such a heinous update lyrics make me Sick & want to cancel my sub.


A month ago when it first rolled out I found a Reddit thread showing how to disable it…but my Spotify updated and now they’re back and I can’t find the old article or the setting.


Can a mod/admin please look into whether or not an update took away this precious setting to turn off Lyrics?


Thank You

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Really hoping for the same thing. Can't stand that little window peeking at the bottom of the Now Playing view. 

I hop so as well

This feature needs a lot of energy!! I use listening music online, even if I'm on my way. But now, the mobile has less energy rapidly.

I updated to version The last version had the ability to disable the feature. PLEASE: make sure, that it will be able agai .



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