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Episodes for you content


Episodes for you content

I clicked on a podcast once...ONCE.  Now I constantly get these erotic stories always popping up in my "Episodes for you".  Some of them don't have the best images.  I use this plan with my family at home and this is not appropriate but short of making a new account there is no way to get rid of these.  Please at least make a way to shut off the episodes thing... I don't even listen to podcasts!  

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It Even puts them in my Good afternoon at the very top of everything

You should be able to long press on those suggestions and temporarily hide them for 90 days, I think. Then it should pop back in to every 90 days to make sure you didn't change your mind. Boy if there were only some way to permanently get of the garbage that Spotify wants you to listen to and only have the kinds of stuff that you want to listen to.

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