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Two streams on one account?


Two streams on one account?

I know there are individual, duo, and family accounts.  What I really would like is to be able to have two streams active on one account - I'd be happy to pay for the DUO if it could do that.     My two cars have built in Spotify apps, and I have Spotify on my Alexa speakers.     When my wife and I are each driving a car, and we don't stick to the same car, we both want to listen without having to log out and log in with a different account.   This seems rather basic, but I don't see a way to accomplish this.



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Not possible because it's not what Spotify wants. Getting individualized info about your individual listening habits is more important to them than providing service, even though you're willing to pay. 


If you want the functionality you described, Apple Music and Tidal both offer that with their family plans. Deezer may as well but I haven't tried that one.

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