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Can any one of you musicians or professional listeners help me set the equalizer for an android phone. I am a rocker but loving a little more bass.  I don't know how to set the correct db..   I am a serious music lover  and have good ears for music but don't know how to set the equalizer, not really familiar with the settings. Thank you anyone for your assistance my fellow music lovers. This is what I have so far.





Screenshot_20230126_002514_Sound quality and effects.jpg
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Hey there! I'm actually an audio engineer and I know somewhat where certain instruments lie in the frequency range.

Really, you just need to play with it until you get something you like. I recommend starting by leaving everything at unity (flat), and raising/lowering one all the way so you can tell which slider adjusts which instruments. Do this with a song you know well.


Here's the EQ I use on my desktop.



And here's a cheat sheet of what instruments are in each frequency.



And here's a link to a playlist of mine with some nice wide songs with some dynamic range.

Awesome! Thank you very much!

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