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Home page design - does your UX team exist?


Home page design - does your UX team exist?

You are starting to slowly implement the design changes from last year, that we’re received very poorly. Huge panels, irrelevant content, reduced ability to find preferred content. Wrong in so many ways, and feedback on this site confirmed that. 

I see you have UX designers and researchers. Do they have the power to act? Why are you continuing down a really unpopular path? What business benefit do you see from this design change?


Loads of people asked this at the end of last year. As we are your paying customers you could at least give a response.

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I've never searched for a way to give feedback to a design team before now. I will stop using spotify with this new layout.


In what world does it make sense to change the home menu into an infinite scroll instead of what we had before. I detest this change. Its made finding music so much more difficult than it needs to be. Please revert it back. 



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