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How to import 4TB of MP3 from NAS into Spotify Windows App?


How to import 4TB of MP3 from NAS into Spotify Windows App?

How to import 4TB of MP3 from NAS into Spotify Windows App?

I did this via Settings > Local Files > Add Source pointing to the SMB-Share of the NAS, but if I want to play any file from there I get an error-message "Spotify can't play this right now. If you have the file on your computer you can import it."

This error does not make any sense to me.
Any tip is more than welcome to play any of my rare Jazz-Albums from the NAS.

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After some more test, it turns out, that I can play the local files only on my (shitty) laptop speakers, but not on any of my home-speakers connected via "SpotifyConnect" protocol. Is this a general limitation for any local file? If yes, then its VERY disappointing! I still hope, there is a way to get this solved or fixed.

This seems to be a terrible bug/limitation in the windows app.
You cannot play a local file on any external speaker via SpotifyConnect protocol.

The only workaround I could find so far is as follows:
a) Create a new playlist in the Windows-App and add all the songs you want to listen to.
b) Re-start the Spotify-App on a mobile device in the same WLAN as the Windows device to see the new playlist in the mobile app.
c) Download each song you want to listen to via the mobile app (terrible!)

d) now you can play these songs either directly from the mobile app on any "SpotifyConnect" enabled speaker OR you can go to the Windows-App and select your mobile device as "virtual speaker" (which forwards the song-request to the mobile device). In any case you can control the volume of each song only via the mobile app.

As said, this is a workaround, but by far not the best.
If someone knows a smarter way (without a mobile device in between) then please let me know.

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