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I really liked the previous UI version. (See included image for explanation)


I really liked the previous UI version. (See included image for explanation)

1. Putting the back and forward arrows where they are makes it so other UI elements are less cluttered.

2. The Your Library, Create Playlist, Liked Songs and Your Episodes menu takes up less space, so it’s easier to look through playlists with the big album cover.

3. The search bar makes it easier to search for things in my opinion.

4. It's really nice to have a dedicated button to see what friends are listening to.


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I respect that you felt that the new UI they A/B tested was better for you. But I had an opposite experience.

For me when I mouse over to go and listen to something it's great that everything is in the same place: Home, Search, Your Library etc. For me the forward and backward arrows were at the right spot too, right where I am looking at the content I'm listening too. 

Agree with your assessment here - the new UI is cleaner, more functional, and more in line with the mobile app. I know people generally don't like change, but pretty much every one here is a positive one. It makes searching more present at all times and better groups similar functions (playlists together, browsing together, searching is present).


Much prefer the new UI they've tested and would love to see it back. Have seen other users provide some feedback on bugs and am hoping they'll roll it back out after some fixes. Really not a fan of the current search tab and all the features cluttered amongst my playlists in their own seperate tabs!

I struggled to adapt to the new UI after being a Spotify Desktop listener for so long. I wish they kept the old design with home on the left and the search and library buttons because my muscle memory is built up and it looks much nicer to have everything small. I had to shrink the new UI for it to fit on my screen.


However, I am grateful for new users they can have a different, more modern version. I just very much prefer the old design to the new one. It was a lot more confusing for me and I could never find the home tab or remember where the search was. I kept hitting create playlist instead of home 😕


I just want the option to use what I am used to which is the old UI. The new one can be on by default if they want but at least give users the option. It definitely looks nicer at first glance and the friends tab was much improved. Clearly with the A/B testing the tech is available to use two different layouts so why not give premium users a choice or the best of both worlds? Kind of like themes?

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