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Is there a reason Spotify has to be regularly reinstalled to keep running?


Is there a reason Spotify has to be regularly reinstalled to keep running?

I have about 18 Spotify installer files in my download folder in my computer from the past 6 months due to ongoing issues with the program either running spotty, or crashing entirely. This morning I turned on my computer to find the Spotify icon broken in the Apple dock, and yet another installer file being automatically downloaded. What followed was an hour or two of the most aggravating computer work I've had to deal with in a good while, with the installer file refusing to go past the "Installing" bar as it consumed all the RAM, crashing my computer on more than one instance. Eventually I found a troubleshooting site that listed additional cache files (in addition to the 3 - 4 I regularly delete during Spotify reinstall processes) that managed to resolve the issue. I am using a Mac book Pro Mac OS Mojave with 8gb of Ram and 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5. There is no reason a simple music program should be taxing my computer to oblivion on a regular basis. Spotify isn't allocating subscribers payment towards enough technical improvements is the problem. 


Also the number one thing that tells me there is something wrong with this picture is the fact that Spot somehow starts at log-in despite me A) not having the program listed as a start-up program in my computer settings B) not having the box checked to do this in Spotify settings C) have completely reinstalled the program numerous times without the issue being resolved. They are extremely lucky to still be getting subscription money from with such grievous technical faults. With society now being confined indoors there is no time for tech companies that take cheap shortcuts that deliberately leave the user having to make up the difference. 


As if this all wasn't bad enough I've also hit a roadblock in not being able to even post this query in the help section. It is saying to "correct the highlighted text" or wait a few minutes. You know either other because there is not text highlighted and this a legitimate black hole of existence trying to resolve Spotify technical errors.

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