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Will Spotify Ever Play from Cloud Storage


Will Spotify Ever Play from Cloud Storage

I have several dozen GB of music files in FLAC, OGG, and MP3 formats stored on my OneDrive.  Up unitl tis coming December, I have been streaming from OneDrive through Groove on either my Windows phones or Iphone and on my desktop. 

With Groove going away, I see that I'm supposed to use Spotify, whihc i have occasionally for awhile. But I don't see how to stream from my cloud drive.   I see an old post from 2014 - - that shows it wasn't doable. Has this been fixed?

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Even tho I like Spotify, I'm giving up on it bc I rly need a cloud storage


Apple Music and Deezer have it

Why can’t we have a cloud locker option?  At least allow that feature to be apart of the premium service similar to other competitors. We have no option for hi fi Music either. Spotify has the resource and know that it’s customers are wanting these features 

Hi @perfectreign, @brunosargento, And @Superman2029,

Yes, Dear.. Spotify Definitely Need A Cloud Storage System.. This Will Be A Game Change For Them.. However, This Idea Has Been Closed Right Now.. It Has Been Stated NOT RIGHT NOW By Spotify.. I Don't Know Why.. Maybe, At The Moment, They Do Not Have The Number Of Premium Members They Want To Launch The Service.. Cause Launching And Maintaining Security Of Cloud Service Is A Heavy Task To Do And Requires Lot Of Heavy Investments To Hire Technical And Cyber Experts.. You Can See, There Has Already Been A Security Flaw In Spotify.. If 2 Step Verification Is Not Turned On Through Facebook To Your Spotify Account.. It Easily Gets Accessed To Various Locations.. So, Due To This Reason Also, I Feel They Are Not Launching.. But, I Am Sure, Soon Spotify Will Definitely Launch Once They Manage Their Security Flaws.. Let's Hope For The Best.. Cause Spotify Is The Best.. It's A Favourite To All Of Us Music Lovers..

With Best Wishes & Regards,
Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

Well written reply and I agree. I believe that Spotify is one of the best BUT I don’t believe they don’t have the money. Just look at what was spend on podcasts. Look at the money spend on the building they are renting in NY. So if the feature is tied to being a premium then people will definitely become premium if they want the feature. Look at how many times it has been suggested. Other smaller companies offer the feature and don’t have the benefits of Spotify. The feature is long over due. Also we need to genius lyric feature but add regular lyrics feature and we need to add music video. The hardest thing for Spotify to do is not listen to it loyal customers like you and I

Hi @Superman2029,

100% Correct.. You Rock.. Spot On.. Take Care And Stay Safe Dear..

Thanking You..

With Regards,
Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan

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