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Issues with Spotify in Android


Issues with Spotify in Android

Hi all,


I have been trying to find a way to report and issue but looks like only certain users can. I will post here my issues and I guess I won't be the only one.


I have had two issues in the last days:

- In Spotify for Android (Redmi Note 5 with MIUI 10, it also has happened to my partner with a Mi A2 lite, with Android One): when playing songs in the phone, they start to repeat the song 3 times and then go forward to the next one, repeating that one 3 times again, I don't know if that would happen for ever, but at least for 4 songs that I checked it happened.


- ONLY ONCE. In Spotify for Linux and Android (Redmi Note 5 with MIUI 10 and computer with Fedora 29): I listen the music from the phone but managing the songs from the computer with the Linux app (not webapp), I was choosing the first from the popular songs list of TéCanela and it was playing songs from Bastille :O. I had to go to the phone, look for TéCanela and play their music, then from the computer it works fine now. I don't know what was the trigger of the issue as I haven't heard music from Bastille in the last few days. I can only say that before (20 mins) I was playing the music in a Google Home mini, then I choose the phone from the computer to play the music there and it happened.



Francisco Robles

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Hey @froblesmartin,


Thanks for reaching out to us in the Community about this 🙂


Regarding your first issue, could you let us know when this happens exactly (e.g. when playing from a specific context, when listening only to downloaded songs, etc.)?


In the meantime, we suggest you try the following steps:

  • perform a clean reinstall of the Spotify app
  • try using a different network on the same device
  • try using a different account on the same device

Keep us posted! We'll be here in case you need any further help 😉

Hi Peter!

Thanks for your reply.


About the first issue, it was happening with any playlist. For the moment it is not happening any more. 


About the second, keeps happening, I start Spotify in my smartphone, change from the computer to play from the smartphone, and as soon as the current song finished, it changes to Bastille "The Anchor". 


Will keep an eye on that issue to try to find more info about the behaviour. 



Francisco Robles Martín

Hey @froblesmartin,


We just wanted to check in with you and see if you've managed to resolve your issue since last time 🙂


If not, let us know and we'll see what we can suggest.


Keep us posted!

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