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New UI


New UI

This new User Interface is ridiculous, if it is not changed back in the next 30 days I for one will be cancelling my subscription. It is an awful platform, its like some child for school copied tik tok and doesn't understand the difference between people who have a real interest and like for music and **bleep** kids who want to scroll aimlessly through mindless content. It's like the UI technicians have asked themselves what are the really good things about Spotify, now let's get rid of them and replace them with **bleep** features.

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this UI feels so wrong on so many levels, it doesn't improve discoverability, right the opposite actually, i just don't open spotify home feed on mobile anymore and listen to whatever i have saved, not only because it's an ugly *** design, but also because the recommendations themselves are way off. i'm quite surprised spotify hasn't changed it back after it faced so much backlash. truly shows how detached the upper management is from their community. 

Spotify is not going to revert anything - certainly not in the next 30 days. Anyone who believes that is fooling himself. The new UI is not just an experiment to see if users respond positively, it's a beta test for a new app that will be most defintiely released. There's no stopping that juggernaut since it was most important announcement at  their "Stream On 2023" event on Youtube,. (Funny how Spotify turned off both comments and dislikes on that video, that tells you how much that company is interersted in what their customers think)


If you already got the new experience on iOS, there's nothing you can do to go back to the old experience. Even though you're a paying customer, you've got no say in this. The only thing that will make Spotify management take notice is when these paying customers start leaving the service in droves and when the negative press that's getting is making their shares go down. Money is the only language they understand.


Just leave. Subsribe to Apple Music, Youtube, Tidal, whatever. It's the only way.

that's exactly what i did lol. gonna miss some playlists and features, but i'm not supporting a company that makes idiotic decisions for their own benefit, completely neglecting the community. spotify was already not a very ethical and caring company, but they somehow managed to reach a new low.

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