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New plan for music only - or hide podcasts and audiobooks


New plan for music only - or hide podcasts and audiobooks

I really like Spotify for listening to music, but my experience is ruined by all the podcasts and audiobooks I got to browse through. There are other apps, superior in every way to Spotify, for podcasts. I just want my music to be easily accessible. I miss the old Spotify with just music 💔


I have stopped paying for Spotify because of this. I would pay again if you had a plan for music only, where I could avoid podcasts and audiobooks. I would also be content with the option to hide everything but music.


As long as Spotify insists on pushing content I am not interested in, there will be no money from me. That Spotify has not upgraded the file quality, as they promised, adds insult to injury and makes Tidal more tempting.

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I am sick and tired of seeing podcasts in my feed.
I chose Spotify as they seemed to know what I like, but that is no longer true.
Fix it, remove the podcasts.

I like only listening to music on Spotify i don't care podcast at all, i want to switch that can hide podcasts.

I just restarted my account after trying out Tidal for a few months and the podcasts have taken over even more real estate. I don't really think this version is worth the monthly. The recommended artists algorithms are better on Spotify but you can access related artists on the free account. I thin the best approach in 2022 is to pay for a premium service like Apple or Tidal then access the related artists pages on Spotify Free when necessary. I would be willing to pay more if Spotify developed a music streaming app that focused on music fans. 

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