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Option to redo the "playlist in the bottle"


Option to redo the "playlist in the bottle"

About the time capsule experience, playlist in the bottle, an option to remake a new playlist would be interesting. I've created the playlist and would like to change some of the songs I've chosen. The bad thing is that it can only open at the beginning of next year, it would be very interesting to include this option in the experience, and many people who made the same mistake might like it. I apologize if there are any errors in writing, I do not speak English fluently. Thanks!

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could you let members get ONE re-do for our 2024 time in a bottle playlist please? 😉

I rushed! I chose 3 songs but one of them was definitely not the right song... ugh 😞

How about giving members just ONE chance to re-do their 2024 time bottle playlist - perhaps limiting this change to one time only 24 hours after first creating it? 

Spotify should let users UNseal or edit their Playlist in a Bottle. As right now we can't do anything about it and it really sucks because i can't listen to my personal favorite songs... i'm really not 100% happy about this, Spotify please fix this. 








(Samsung Galaxy a53

Operating System

Android 13


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I recently made a playlist in a bottle, but I chose the wrong songs is there any way I can change it?

I was in the middle of creating it when it closed. I'm not sure if it saved as I didn't get to confirm my selections.

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