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When my playlists are getting close to 10 000 they are full and no more songs can be added. Is that the way its designed? And, this is starting to worry me, what happens when the library is getting close to 100 000 songs? 


Of course I make another playlist named "...part 2". That is not the question.


Apologize beforehand if this subject already has been covered. I did a search and could only find that it has happened, not if it was by design.


Love Clara

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Please solve this at Spotify end! Save playlist in parts to server???


Please solve!

My question to you was if you are rude or scornful to me with purpose or if you just come across that way. 


Your answer is this: "I'm not easily offended, so feel free to write whatever you like haha!"


I assure you, I have no intention to come here at the forum and offend anyone and I dont appreciate your tone, so please stop contribute to this thread and take your laughter somewhere else.

I meant Peter not hpguru

@claramson - Sorry I was just joking about the whole situation since it appears Spotify don't even know what the limit is. It wasn't directed at you in any way that was meant to be offensive. 


My original comment was in reference to the CS email which says:

"As mentioned by my colleague, there isn't a limit on how many songs you can have in a playlist but normally a playlist can handle between 9,000 and 10,000 songs. " 


If a playlist can only handle that many tracks, then clearly that demonstrates there is an applied limit. Maybe its not exactly 10,000 tracks, but it always has been pretty close to that number for me!




Edit: Adding extra sentence for clarity.

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Hi guys,

Sorry we haven't replied here yet. As far as I'm aware, there is a limit of around 10,000. The exact reason I'm unsure of, but I imagine it becomes difficult for the server if it goes over.

Regarding the library, there isn't a limit as far as I'm aware. It may make your Spotify rather slow loading up if you have thousands of playlists, as each playlist is checked by the server when you start up. Just to make sure any changes are updated. But we won't stop you making playlists.

If you're concerned about the song limit, there is a little workaround. Create a folder and add the large playlist to that. Then start a new playlist, adding it to the folder. To shuffle through all the songs from both playlists, click on the folder. You'll then have all the tracks to play through.

Hope this helps.

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The related idea where you can vote for an increase of the track limit per playlist is here:


Keep in my mind that this is probably the same limit as in Your Music -> Songs caused by server restrictions maybe, but Spotify seems to regard and/or handle this as separate issues.

Never understood it though, starred doesn't have the 10k limit.

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I never used the Starred playlist much, so I don't know how it behaved with more than 10k of tracks. But I have just created five separate playlists with about 8k of tracks each which represent my scrobbles (or rather two thirds of it) and moved them to a separate folder which I'm playing in shuffle mode now. It seems that everything gets slower and sluggish in the desktop software, similar to playing Your Music -> Songs in the web player with about 8k of tracks. I'm not sure if the server responds slower when it is supposed to deal with that many tracks from one user at the same time, but checking my task manager it shows spotify.exe and one of the five SpotifyHelper.exe with 50% CPU activity each, so it's no wonder why everything is so slow.

Recently I received a warning when I was trying to add an album to my library congratulating me that my library is magnific and its complete. 


I dont think that my library is complete if Im trying to add more songs.... 


its really annoying. do I really have to remove albuns to add more songs? It doesnt make sense. 



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