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Problem Spotify Connect


Problem Spotify Connect

Hello Everybody


Here's my Problem:

I've connected my IPhone via Spotify Connect to my HEOS 5 and my Denon Receiver AVR-X1400H (both support the Connect Feature, and have done it in the Past)

But everytime someone call me, the music quit and start playing on the phone.


Thats very annoying!


Can anybody Help me to fix this Problem?

I've got an IPhone XR with the latest IOS Update (IOS 15.5)

The Spotify and HEOS App is also updated to the latest version.




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any Ideas or Suggestions? 

@spotify developers, any clues?




After a Month of waiting, I´ve got the impression, that no one cares about User Issues


Thanks or nothing!

I have the same issue - Spotify has 30 days from today to collaborate with Heos to fix it or I am cancelling my premium subscription.  This issue has been known for over 90 days and is impacting with IOS and android users. 

Spotify is better than Pandora, but Pandora will get my $$ if not fixed in 30 days or less. 

It seems, that an Update on the HEOS/Denon App fixed the Problem. 


Unfortunately not for everyone. 


This issue has been ongoing for about 4 months. 4 firmware updates from Heos and still doesn't work for everyone, including me. 

It was working ok for the past week but today or went**bleep**. 


Anyone else seeing this?  Only issue is when speakers are grouped 

I simply gave up. Sold all of my Heos Speakers, fortunately enough someone bought them. Not surprised that the issue is still there.

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