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Recent problems connecting to AudioCast devices


Recent problems connecting to AudioCast devices

I have been using Spotify with my AudioCast M5 devices since years without any problem. Until a couple weeks ago when Spotify on my Android phone or on my laptop would not connect to any of the AudioCast devices. I restarted the devices. I reset the devices. I restarted the modem/router. Nothing helped. I uninstalled Spotify from my phone, and reinstalled it. Spotify then connected to the AudioCast devices. 


A few days later and the same problem returned. I again uninstalled and reinstalled Spotify, and the problem was solved again.


Something seems buggy in Spotify. 


P.S. This is my first time reaching out for support for Spotify, and I am a bit disappointed that for such a paid-for product there doesn't seem to be any proper support. 😞

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