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Well I came up with an idea because so many venues sell out all over the world, cause some are small some are bigger. And I was thinking Spotify could create a “Spotify Live” subscription users and venues subscribe to and give access to live shows through the app. 

Just an idea 😉 

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And then you can have different levels of subscription depending who you watch right. 

I just picture myself listening to a live concert happening in Sydney while I’m in New York, etc it’s so expandable. Plus small venues could generate more income and grow bigger. 

So if I’m venue X Y Z i order my Spotify Live package and install the camera ready to broadcast to the world. And suddenly, it’s just sparkles right? Can choose by location, by music style, by artist, and see right away who’s playing and plug my beats into it, and have the video, the vibes. 

Then you can create dedicated Spotify Live tickets for x y z concerts, you pay an add on through the app because it’s extra special. It’s no limits to what you can do with this new system. 

Then you can have popups during the show to buy your favourite merch. One click it’s yours. Then you can wear Ibiza in LA if you like. 

Well if you need a sales guy to visit all the venues to present the new “Spotify Live” system, I don’t have a job right now. 

I meant World Live Music Community Manager. 

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