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Shuffle playlists


Shuffle playlists

Yesterday when I used the app I was able to press play and start a shuffled track-list of my liked songs. Today when I’ve gone to use the app, this function is no longer available and whenever I press the play button it literally just pauses the song I am listening to rather than reshuffling the tracks list. 


I don’t understand why, or who, found this necessary and/or helpful? There has always been an option to reorganise a shuffled track-list manually, whilst still being able to listen to a song by expanding the play bar at the bottom of the screen. The shuffle/play button at the top of the main song list screen was there as a shortcut? So I cant help but feel like theres been a duplication of a pre-existing feature for absolutely no logical reason at all? 


I would kindly appreciate if this new feature could be reverted back to how it was before, as I personally used it a-lot and found it to be quick, easy, and convenient. Thank you.

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