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Song tagging and dynamic playlists for Spotify


Song tagging and dynamic playlists for Spotify

Song tagging and creating dynamic playlists based on tags is a great feature to have in Spotify and was suggested multiple times (1 2 3 4 ).

I took the time to implement it with the Spotify API. It is not as good as if Spotify implemented it natively but I've been using it to great success.


The application is freely available at 

It supports adding tags to songs, creating playlists from one or multiple tags and also combining playlists with many other operations (filter by artist, filter untagged songs, combine playlists, ...). A demonstration of how to use it can be found here
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I appreciate your effort. I made a web app that helps you to tag and make playlists. You can check it out at playlist-maker.vercel.**bleep**!

hi Egecavusoglu,

I gave it a try, but is seems I can't get it to work. Playlist doesn't load fully; given tags don't appear in the tags overview; tagged songs don't appear in the overview. Any suggestions?

is this available for Mac aswell?


As of right now, it is only available on Windows.

hello, i am using it on my M1 Mac with Paralells -> Windows 11 ARM.

You need to download .NET 5 x64 and wit will work. (.NET x64 is compatible with Windows 11 ARM)

You can install .NET 6 x64 too, if you need, but you CANNOT install both .NET 6 ARM and .NET 5 x64.
Nobody needs .net ARM anyway, I think.

i also talked to the author, he said it will be available cross platform in the future.

I would like to add that this App allows you not only to Tag and Sort your songs by Genre etc, but also Rate it.

For example, you can have a list of ALL your songs that looks like this:

Song Title -- Artist -- Rating: **** (4 stars); Genre: Soul

Sont Title -- Artist -- Rating: ***** (5 stars); Genre: Electro

And then you can generate a playlist and send it to your spotify app that will for example contain all your liked songs that have at least a 4 star rating AND are of genre "electro".

I always lose my hopes on spotify when I see posts requesting amazing features for years without any result. We need a tag system for the songs so we can use a filter to listen by tags. I really dislike having to add the same song multiple times to multiple albums, makes me feel as if I had repeated songs. Adding multiple tags to a song like genra, year i discovered it, a person or place it reminds me of, etc.. would be such a game changer. Also the panel of Friend Activity could be used to drag and drop songs I enjoy to my friends and be like an inbox for them, so when they log in next time they can see the songs that someone else have shared to them, currently I have to share it through third party apps or create a playlist that we both share, but must of the times I simply want to drag and drop a song. I would love to go into my spotify and have 3 or 5 songs shared by different friends to see what becomes part of my song family. Also, drag and drop makes it more likely for people to share songs than having to right-click, share, copy links, open the third-party app, paste links and send. If you are too busy frying bigger fish then make Spotify like figma or many other apps which allow the community to create their own extensions to add to Spotify to make these things available and we as users have the options to choose what functionality we wish to add to Spotify.

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