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This post will bear a strong resemblance to another I did a few months ago. I detailed in that post how my algorithmically-driven songs that are fed to me between/after segments with the various playlists (Daily Drive, The Get Up, Daily Sports) in the Soundtrack Your Day hub are drawn from my Wrapped 2020 playlist and On Repeat...EXCLUDING a Friday or two ago in which it played songs I'd never heard before and had songs that weren't from was a great day! It reverted to what it had been doing the next Monday, though. Oddly, 3 to 4 Mondays ago my Daily Wellness playlist was comprised of i☆Ris songs (which I listen to frequently) and new music recommendations; it stayed like this up until the same week's Wednesday than went back to the...whatever...Daily Wellness is. 


Is there anyone else with this dilemma? Might there be a way to get it back to what it was last Friday or two ago permanently?


Thank You For Reading,


Thomas W. 


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