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Spotify Search Algorithm Bizarre Results

Spotify Search Algorithm Bizarre Results

The other day I was searching for Burn, one of the greatest and most iconic rock songs of all time, in an equally great album of the same name, by one of the most famous bands of all time, Deep Purple.


Now, ordinarily, the search function seems to be customized based on your library and your listening interests. Since I listen mainly to rock and heavy metal, you'd think this would cause the first result that comes up to be the song or the album by Deep Purple, or at least the cover by Whitesnake. But no, not only is it not the first result, it doesn't appear in the top 10, or the top 50, or anywhere in the top 200 results!! Of course, as soon as I type "Burn Deep" then it picks it up. 


Now, here's what really puzzles me. After about 3 results of songs by artists I would never listen to, there's a rock result--Guns N Roses, Paradise City. wth? How do you get Paradise City, from Burn? It's not in the song or the artist or the album name, just how? And this is the 5th song result!


Here's another example, the iconic Jump by Van Halen. Everyone knows this song. I typed in, "jum," what did I get? A random podcast. Now, if I finish the word adding the "p," I get the VH song like you'd expect, but I was shocked earlier to see a podcast come up instead--especially since I NEVER use Spotify for podcasts, only music.


Generally, I'm not a fan of personalized ads, they can often seem creepy and are sometimes based off something you saw/bought 1 time and now assume you want 1 million more of the same thing. However, when it comes to something like Spotify search results, I think personalization is a must to directly get more relevant results based on what you regularly listen to. Windows 10 does this with its search function perfectly. I pretty much always get what I want after typing in the first 2-3 letters. Spotify isn't bad by any means; it usually delivers correctly. But sometimes I just get totally bizarre results like this.

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