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Stop gapless playback for specific playlists


Stop gapless playback for specific playlists

Hello! I listen to a lot of instrumental (wordless, lyric-less) music. When I'm listening to a house or EDM playlist, I like the gapless playback and some crossfade between songs. However, some playlists sound strange when subjected to the same treatment. I have two questions, I guess: 1) How does Spotify decide what playlists to apply gapless playback/crossfade to the songs?; 2) Can I choose specific playlists for which gapless playback/crossfade is not applied to the songs (ideal, a situation where the default is ON) or specific playlists where it is applied (not ideal, but still an ok solution, where the default is OFF)? Basically, I would like some more control around gapless playback and crossfade. Thanks!

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