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Storage error - samsung


Storage error - samsung

I have this problem since a few weeks ago. Every time an update comes out for spotify or I restart my phone. Storage returns to internal. It did not have it before but now it is present. Don't have solution in gmail that's why I'm here.
I have been using the app since 2017 and it is unfortunate that they cannot provide a concrete answer.

Samsung A22 / Android 11
Spotify v8.7.26.901


This is another bug I ran into, the first three options is actually my internal storage. Only the last one is my SD.
I have no idea why two of them have the name "SD" when the internal storage should only be one and not three.

I have seen some incidents similar to this, but apparently spotify does not pay enough attention to us to solve this bug.

Do any of you have or had this problem?

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Yes, I have exact same issue. I only have two actual storage locations but Spotify shows 4. I change storage to my external SD and this setting reverts to internal storage after a reboot. Even after formatting external SD and doing a clean re installation of The Spotify app. Very hard to find a solution 


Today I received a email of support by spotify. They says will clear the cache of their servers and after that reinstall the app. I hope there is a solution. I will be reporting 

I have this same bug but, I save downloaded playlist to internal storage not the sd card, i think that is Samsung and Spotify bug. Samsung S20 FE Android 12 One Ui 4.1.

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