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The new update sucks


The new update sucks

  1. The new "home" section makes it impossible to quickly find anything and it lists artists and stuff I barely listen to 
  2. The enhance playlist feature is just insulting. I made the playlist. It's perfect how I made it. Spotify makes playlists and radio stations already why mess with my self curated ones??? Do you really feel like you can make it better? Adding 100 songs i don't know really doesn't seem like an enhancement to me. 
  3. I'm really tired of the app being great just for you all to completely restructure it and break it.
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I wondered why songs I didn't even know made it into my playlist. 
So this is a new 'feature'? I don't like it. 
Annoying: I don't like this songs. But I'm unable to remove them from the playlist. I can't flag them as unwanted.

I can't get rid of them in any way. 

Are you trying to make some extra money by promoting new songs in existing playlists? 
You know I'm already paying for your service? 

Please remove it, or I will remove my subscription. 

Best Regards, 

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